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You are going to LOVE how smooth this jump rope works!!! Manufactured to endure the most brutal workouts and designed to stay in your hands no matter how sweaty they get.


An intense jump rope workout challenges almost every muscle including the heart!!! Best part is you can easily pack up the rope and bring your workout anywhere with you.


In addition to the physical attributes of jump rope workouts this simple piece of equipment will increase coordination, agility, and help with balance.


  • Made of lightweight aluminum alloy
  • Knurled handle to keep the rope in your hands during intense workout
  • Aneta Bell etched branding for long life
  • Rotary ball baring and spinning handles to offer the most range of motion found on the market for handles.
  • Adjustable rope length made up of premium metal wire to fit your workout style

Bella Speed Aluminum Alloy Jump Rope


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