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Punch Fit: Boxing Combinations

Updated: Jan 8

Combinations are a series of individual punches tied together in a series of strikes.

The list may appear intimidating at first but with just a little practice your will see Punch Fit combinations are made to be super simple so that even the beginner can quickly pick them up for a fun workout.

To keep our system simple all combinations, start with the lead hand then the next strike goes to the rear hand then back to lead ect. (with the exception of 7 and 8 but more on that later).

Another way to say this is if you are RIGHT-HANDED all our combinations start with the left hand (also referred to as the lead hand) then go to the right hand.

If you are left hand dominate then the combinations start with the RIGHT HAND, then transition to the LEFT.

Not only does this keep the program easy to learn it also allows you maximize the power of the strikes as each strike puts your body in the perfect position to maximize force production from core to extremity power on all the follow up strikes.

1- Jab

2- Jab > Cross

3- Jab > Cross > Hook

4- Jab > Cross > Hook > Cross

Moving forward you will notice that all the odd combinations start with combination number 3 and all the even combinations start with combination number 4.

The next series of strikes will introduce the upper cut. Rear Upper Cut refers to your strong arm, the same arm you use for the cross. In other words, if you are right-handed this would be your right hand and if you are left hand dominate this would be your left hand. Lead Upper Cut refers to the same hand you use for the jab.

It is also important to note that combinations 5 and 6 are the last in the series in which the number of strikes corollate with combination number.

5- Jab > Cross > Hook > Rear Upper Cut > Hook

6- Jab > Cross > Hook > Cross > Lead Upper Cut > Cross

The next series of combinations still build off of 3 and 4 but are unique because the last two punches in the series of strikes finish on the same side.

7- Jab > Cross > Hook > Rear Upper Cut > Cross

8- Jab > Cross > Hook > Cross > Lead Upper Cut > Hook

The next combinations introduce the body shot also referred to the spleen and liver shot as those are the intended targets of the strikes.

9- Jab > Cross > Hook > Rear Body Shot (Spleen) > Hook

10- Jab > Cross > Hook > Cross > Lead Body Shot (Liver) > Cross

Up to this point we have focused on striking only, in the next series are our advanced combinations that starts with combinations 3 and 4, then adds the Bob and Weave and finally firing back with devastating counter up strikes.

Bobbing and weaving is a defensive technique that moves the head both beneath and laterally of an incoming punch. As the opponent's punch arrives, the fighter bends the legs quickly and simultaneously shifts the body either slightly right or left.

Since we are working on heavy bags or with partners using focus mitts, complete a mini squat and rotate the core on the same side as the last strike allowing us to fire back with all the stored energy in the core.

11- Jab > Cross > Hook > Bob and Weave > Hook > Cross > Hook

12- Jab > Cross > Hook > Cross > Bob and Weave > Cross > Hook >Cross

*Once you feel comfortable with the combination add an additional strike to the abdomen as you bob and weave.

The next series of combinations adds the SLIP which is another option to avoid and incoming strike. Where the slip differs from a bob and weave, with the slip you rotate the core to avoid the punch, but you don't bend the knees.

The advantage is a quick follow up strike however the risk is greater as the head is still in line with the incoming strike and if the timing is off you could eat the punch.

13- Jab > Cross > Hook > Slip > Lead Upper Cut > Cross > Hook

14- Jab > Cross > Hook > Cross > Slip > Rear Upper Cut > Hook > Cross

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