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Online Fitness Streaming Service

Checkout my Netflix style fitness streaming service

  • 30 min
  • Starting at $9.99
  • Online

Service Description

My husband (Chris) and I designed this value based fitness platform that fits in any budget. This is where you actually start to enjoy your workout. This is where bada$$es are born and excuses drop like flies. This is Punch Fit! As the core of our program, Punch Fit sessions were designed to drill down to that part of you that always knew you weren’t meant to take the day lying down. You know that part — the one that isn’t always appreciated at dinner parties or Monday Morning business meetings. Because, you know, ya wanna punch stuff. And that’s not always acceptable. But here it is. In fact, it’s encouraged! Set up in integrative sessions that include both cardiovascular-boosting calisthenics and confidence-building heavy bag techniques, Punch Fit classes allow you to get in all the good heart-pounding, muscle-working exercises you need for a total body transformation. We’ll teach you jabs. We’ll teach you crosses. And of course, we’ll teach the proper way to throw both hooks and uppercuts. Cuz you’re gonna want to throw ‘em. Repeatedly. Chris and I will also show you the proper technique for slips and rolls — just for slips and giggles. C’mon, join us. We’re fitness experts who just happen to love throwing punches and teaching you the basics of boxing and kickboxing too. Throw in cardiovascular training and you get a full-scale workout that you’ll actually want to do again. And again. Discover the fitness class that made us famous by trying 5 days for FREE!!! Then use ANETABELL25 to get 25% off your first order, this is our best promotion and you can only get it here!

Contact Details

(773) 966-8111

Antioch, IL, USA

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